When I Flush the Toilet, Why Does it Smell?

Are you suffering from the foul smell in your bathroom after flushing the toilet? After washing your toilet, if you get the smelling sewer Esque smell, it's a warning sign that you must fix something in your bathroom. You can suffer from this smelling problem because of a few things. So quickly inspect the following checklist. Contact the best plumbing Oahu to solve the issue if you see any sign on the list. The Oahu plumber will take care of your toilet issue in the best way.

Broken Seal

Inside your toilet's base, there is a wax ring, and the wax ring seals the unwanted smell, foul odors, and water. If the seal gets damaged, the drain pipe can push sewer odor in your bathroom after each flush in your toilet. If the injured is too heavy, eventually, the sewer water can begin to escape. Ultimately it will lead to water damage.

If you see a broken seal in your toilet's wax ring, you should contact the best plumbing Oahu to solve the wax ring issue. You should replace the seal immediately with the help of an Oahu plumber it becomes compromised.

It's Not Used Frequently

If you have a toilet in your second home or the basement of your home, you should take care of it also. But usually, we don't use our secondary or basement toilet, but it could lead to an issue. When you finally flush your basement's toilet after a few months, weeks, or days, it cold smelt odd. If you don't use the basement toilet frequently, its flush remains unused. As a result, when you flush it after a long time, the bowl's water can evaporate. Without the water existing in the toilet bowl, the drainpipe's foul odor can travel to the toilet.

If you want help to prevent the foul odors from bathroom filling and its gasses, you should immediately contact the best plumbing Oahu. More regularly, use the bathroom or toilet flush and keep water in the toilets bowl. If you use your basement toilet frequently, it would not cost, you are much. Otherwise, you may face substantial expensive repairs in the future.

Clogged Sewer Vents

The pipes on your home's roof are known as sewer vents, and they allow situation for the sewage gases to escape. Sometimes, the clog can cause these vents, forcing the sewage system's gas to enter the home. The gurgling sound in your toile is the sign that there is a clogged vent in your toilet, and each time you flush the toilet, you will hear this gurgling sound. When the gases of your sewage system escape through it, the toilet flush can create this gurgling sound.

Cracked Toilets

When you have a crack in your toilet, it can cause entering gases in your bathroom. As a result, you will get a foul smell from your bathroom.


Between various objects and all the waste which flush down in the toilet, the drainpipe in your bathroom can form a blockage. You should not have other things in your toilet other than human wastage. Otherwise, your toilet will have a block in it. A single instance in your bathroom can build this blockage, or these clogs can build up over time. If your toilet develops back-ups, sometimes your toilet's smell odors can cause disturbance for you.

Inspection of these pipes is essential, and you should take immediate action to check the blockage in your system. If you need any service for removing the drain's clog or toilet repairs, you can contact the best plumbing Oahu to get the best service. We feel happy to serve you.


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