What Factor Causes Cloudy Water in Your Faucet?

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Are you worried about your faucet supplying milky or cloudy water? You may need the emergency plumbing Honolulu service. The plumber in Honolulu can solve all your water-related problems. If your faucet provides milky or dirty water, then probably any of the following factors may be responsible for this issue. The four elements are:

  • Air bubbles
  • TSS (Total Suspended Solids)
  • Hard water and
  • Methane gas

Maybe you are not sure which problem you are suffering from. To ensure the same factors, you need the service of emergency plumbing Honolulu.

Air Bubbles

If your faucet water has air bubbles, it will provide you the following signs:

Please fill up the water glass and wait for a few minutes to let it sit. Watch the water after a few minutes. If from the bottom up the water is clean and after a few minutes it becomes apparent, most likely the problem is just the air bubbles. Your faucet water can have excess air bubbles because of the following reasons:

  • Trapped air in the homes plumbing system
  • Recent work or repair was done in the plumbing system
  • Your home's plumbing has increased water pressure

The way to Get Rid of It

The water's air bubbles are completely harmless, so you don't need to do anything with them. But if the air bubbles create a nuisance, ask the emergency plumbing Honolulu service from the Oahu plumbing company. A plumber in Honolulu will provide you with the best service whenever you need it.

Hard Water

You should immediately take the emergency plumbing Honolulu service if you face the following rigid water signs. The characters are the following:

  • The glass's cloudy water never becomes clear
  • You see the glass dishes white spots after washing them
  • Use extra laundry detergent; otherwise, after washing your clothes, it will be discolored
  • Discolored or white mineral deposits over time build on waster appliances

Hard water has dissolved minerals in high amounts in it, and the notoriously hard water could be the issue behind your home's cloudy faucet water.

Now how the water becomes hard? The answer is when the rainfall falls, and it reaches the ground if it hits the source of your water. When the rainwater travels along the ground, it picks up the sediment from the terrain. If your terrain area is rich in magnesium or calcium, likely your home's plumbing system is hard water.

High "TSS" Concentration

If your faucet water has any of the following signs, you should contact the plumber in Honolulu to get the emergency plumbing Honolulu service.

  • After passing through the home standard water filter, water becomes clear
  • There has recently been drilling activity, construction, and other ground disturbance near the water supply ground

TSS stands for Total Suspended Solids, and some of the solids include the following:

  • Sediment
  • Silt
  • Iron
  • Algae
  • Clay
  • Manganese

Methane Gas

If your faucet water has methane gas, it will show the following signs:

  • You use the home's dirty water
  • The water has white air bubbles
  • Faucet sputtering water

Methane naturally occurs in healthy water, and it's natural gas. This gas doesn't have an odor, color, or taste. Methane levels in home's drinking water:

  • The considerable safe level below ten mg/L
  • Between 10 mg/L to 28 mg/L should regularly monitor
  • Immediate action should be taken over 28 mg/L

Way to Get Rid of It

If you think your drinking water has methane gas, you should immediately get the emergency plumbing Honolulu service to solve your problem. The plumber in Honolulu will conduct a professional test to measure the methane gas level in your home's water.


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