How to Insulate Your Home's Water Heater

A warm water heater tank in your home means that you will experience heat loss. Heat loss is a waste of cost, energy, and money. Consider the water heater insulation with the help of a plumber in Honolulu, and it's one of the easy DIY processes. You can easily save your easy hard-earned money and energy through this process.

Things to Know Beforehand from Plumber in Honolulu

If your water heater is leaking currently, you should avoid insulating your water heater. First, do the repair or complete replacement to address all the leaks. Only by spending a few dollars can you purchase the insulation blankets. Some even blanket even consists of convenient insulation kits, and the kits consist of everything you need. Compared to their original investment, homeowners can see more energy savings or equal. Use an insulation blanket and solve your problem.

Step-by-step Guide

1.      Power Down

Ensure that your water heater unit is not getting any gas or power. At the electrical panel, you should turn off the electric water heaters. While by turning the gas valve, you should turn off the gas heaters. Turn off the gas valves in pilot position.

You should turn off your water heater's power. In cases of your electric water heater, you should select the OFF position to move the circuit breaker. If you have a water heater, it turns the pilot position of your gas valve and again wraps the water heater in your home.

2.      Measure the Height

From top to bottom, measure the height of your water heater. Cut your insulation blanket at the required level to be at that exact height. Don't worry about the water heater's top, as you need the top to allow you to open the unobstructed vent.

3.      Cut to Fit

Tape the water heater's insulation blanket for a short period so that you can mark the specific points. Use a marker to keep the gas valves, access panel, burners and pipes, and other essential things. Place the blanket in the ground by removing it. And again, begin to cut out all these marked areas. To be safe around the gas valve, you should also make the openings and consider the burner area. The burner area should be one inch wider compared to the actual size.

4.      Wrap the Blanket Around the Tank

If the water heater fails to comply with the blanket perfectly, you should make it a custom fit. A loose blanket will not effectively insulate the water heater of your home. Put on your dust mask, mask, and gloves, and around the heater, wrap the blanket. Wrap the veil by using them or holding the tape in place.


5.      Final Installation

Some tape comes with the insulation blanket and with its kits. You should use this type of tape in your toilet. Permanently tape the veil into the perfect place. Ensure you properly open all the line up with the other available access panes, burners, valves, and pipes. Now you can turn on the gas valve or electrical breaker.

Gather Your Materials

If you want to do water heater installation, you will need a glove, dust mask, scissors, electrical taps, and a marker. Some energy companies sell insulation blankets to encourage you at a meager price. They want to enable you to wrap the water heater in your home using the insulation blanket.

Insulating the water heater tank is not easy, and you should get help from the Honolulu plumber. The water heater insulation is inexpensive to do, and you can save more of your money and energy bills by using it. If you need the help and service of a professional plumber in Honolulu, you can inform us.

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