Is It Time To Replace My Sewer Line?

When your drains are slow, it can be really annoying as you will have to wait for the bathtub or sink to drain. If you are taking a shower and the water seems to be accumulating, there is no way that you will get to enjoy the bath. One of the common problems that cause slow draining is when the sewer lines are clogged. Generally, unclogging drains is a simple task that can be handled by plumbers Honolulu. However, there are some signs, which indicate a bigger problem and it may be time to replace your sewer line.

There are certain things that will indicate a bigger problem that cannot be fixed with ordinary drain cleaning. If you have realized that the drain issues keep persisting, maybe it is time to go down the pipes and have them replaced. Your sewer pipes are underground and as such, it is hard to see them. When there is a problem in the sewer lines, it may take some time before noticing it. This is why you will need to work with qualified professionals like Honolulu Pineapple Plumbing. Such experts have the experience and the skills to diagnose and fix such problems.

If you are a property owner, you need to be sure that your plumbing system is perfect and working at all times. Here are some red flags which may indicate it is time to replace sewer lines:

Aged Pipes and Consistent Repairs

Just like any other thing, sewer lines will also wear out as they continue aging. As fate would have it, worn-out pipes will not perform in the same way as they would when they were newer. If you have had a sewer line for several decades, it may be time to have it replaced. One sign that shows your pipes are aged and completely worn out is the demand for consistent repairs. There is a limit to the number of times when you can the best plumbers in Honolulu fixing your sewer lines. When the frequency is too close, then it is time to have the pipes replaced with new ones.

Tree Roots

The other major reason why you may be forced to repair sewer pipes is where there are trees. As your trees keep growing bigger and taller, the roots will keep sinking deeper and spreading further. In the unfortunate event that your sewer lines are close to such trees, the roots will get to them and damage them. In fact, most of the time the roots will keep growing inside the pipes and before you know it, your pipes will be completely blocked. Sadly, in such cases, you cannot repair the sewer pipes as they are already extensively damaged. This calls for sewer line replacement.

Unusual Sounds and Noises in the Pipes

If you have been paying attention to your sewer lines, you may realize that they make some sounds. However, there are should noises that raise concerns especially where it sounds like bubbles or gurgles. When you drain your sink or a using the disposal and there is a gurgling sound in another part of the house, this indicates possible clogs. When you have a clogged sewer line, there are so many things that could go wrong. You can contain such issues by talking to professional plumbers in Honolulu.

Professional Sewer Line Repairs and Replacement

Have you noticed any of these signs that we have discussed above? The best thing is to contact a plumbing company in Honolulu. Professional plumbers will conduct a camera inspection in your sewer pipes. With this modern technology is easy to ascertain the extent of the damage in your pipes. Once the problem has been diagnosed it is easier to determine if it can be fixed through repairs or replacement of the sewer lines.

By choosing a professional sewer line repair plumber, you will save time and money and get quality workmanship. Time is of the essence when it comes to plumbing repairs. Right after you have noticed any sign of a faulty sewer line you need to contact professional plumbers. Immediate action can save you tons of money and spare your property from extensive damage.

Modern Sewer Line Replacement Services

Honolulu Pineapple Plumbing is the leading company offering modern solutions. You will love our trenchless sewer line replacement services. Using modern technology and advanced equipment, we will replace the sewer pipes without digging up your yard. Contact the best plumbers in Honolulu for a free inspection of your sewer lines to determine if they need to be replaced.

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